Types of Plan

  • Saver plan one month
  • Super Saver Six Months
  • Mega Saver one year

Service and Support

  • Online support
  • Setup and installation
  • Remote support
  • Antivirus support

Contact informations

  • Phone: +1-855-884-3803
  • Website: www.pstechsolutions.in
  • Email: support@pstechsolutions.in


The PS Tech Solutions main objective is to provide its clients complete services on any queries or any fix that are required to overcome any hindrances that they face on basis of computers hardware and software issues. We provide 24/7 round the clock service. Once the problem comes into our hands we take complete responsibility and you can rest assured you have maximum satisfaction on the quality solutions provided by our live agents who are well trained to handle any problem that occurs in different operating environments regardless of the manufacturers.

The PS Tech solutions strives towards fulfilling its motto of delivering its expert solutions to its clients at an economic rates which are much lesser than the rates provided by its competitors without affecting the high standards of services being provided to the clients who are the kings of our enterprise. We not only provide fixes or just troubleshoots to your problem we also educate our clients about the root cause and simple methods to overcome or avoid such issues. In case of any furtherance or need of any service feel free to contact us on the toll free number 1800-584-7312.We have a team of employees well trained and are experts in the latest technologies in the industry who will bring on the best possible persistent solutions at your door stride.

Our Plans

Saver Plan 1 Month USD $49.99

24 / 7 - 1 month Support
Unlimited Fix Sessions
Unlimited Optimization Sessions
Security Software

Super Saver Plan 6 Month USD $89.99

24 / 7 - 6 months Support
Unlimited Fix Sessions
Unlimited Optimization Sessions
Security Software

Mega Saver Plan 1 Year USD $119.99

24 / 7 - 365 days Support
Unlimited Fix Sessions
Unlimited Optimization Sessions
Security Software

Online Support

We are 24/7 available present in your service.Call us at our toll-free number 1800-584-7312 and leave your tension to us. We will fix your issues and ensure that you use your Desktop/Laptop without hindrances.

Our Guarantee

Our Live Agents are all highly experienced tech support professionals proficient in single and multiple device operating environment (regardless of manufacturer).

Setup & install

Setup & installation services include support for:Internet & networking,Servers, Routers, Computers & laptops, Printers & scanners, MP3 Players & digital cameras.