Our Services How We Offer Services

The services that is been provided by the PS Tech solutions and their effectiveness, maintenance and mechanisms are being discussed under different categorization.

Online support

The online support usually deals with providing the clients enough information or by guiding them through certain steps which will solve their hindrance at once with no time lapse encountered, the PS Tech solution has well experienced team for online support to cater to the needs of the client. If the client is not able to follow on few cases through optimization and permission rights the issues will be sorted out by the experts.

Setup and Installation

The PS Tech solutions also give the best set up and installation of different products, packages supporting the client’s environment and the economic considerations through their professional team available round the clock.

Remote support

The remote support is in big trend now a days as it saves time of the client and the professionals also find it convenient to resolve many problems in short span.The PS Tech also has a very effective remote support provided to the customers as it has best networking infrastructure which aids to best remote support being availed.

Antivirus support

Antivirus support has become prime consideration of each and every concern or person as we are moving towards the era of internet banking, mobile banking where user privacy is of prime importance as any loss of data through hacking will become a high drawback so the PS Tech solutions suggest and implement best antivirus software’s and mechanisms to safeguard the enterprise from any security attack.

Servers’ computers and laptops

PS Tech solutions provides service to all types of clients,servers,and varied range of the computers and laptops provided by the variety of manufacturers like Acer,LG etc

Solutions for your pc optimization

Pc optimization is all about putting your computer in its best possible form by cleaning up registries, removing unwanted programs, detecting software issues, clearing out fragmentation.A pc optimization solution fastens up your computer increasing its speed and efficiency. A wide optimization services are being provided by us.

Networking solutions

The PS Tech solution offers number of networking solutions which starts from creating a local area network, to configuring systems to fit into a network, linking to various networks and so on.

Online identity and data security

In this era of computers it is a prime concern to maintain online identity and data security. Mainly the business enterprises have to take this issue seriously as they deal with loads of data involving money. We provide handful number of service on these grounds.


The technical support team remains vigilant throughout the year and all the clients credentials are maintained securely and these information’s are not provided to any other third party at any cost without the consent of the client.